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Help others to learn Malagasy!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there are much less materials online for learning Malagasy than there are for other languages. The only online language course that I know of on Malagasy is in French and it is quite old as well. Over half the languages that are on Google Translate are much smaller in population and many are official languages nowhere, yet Malagasy still doesn't have a showing there.

With this post I would like to do a bit change that, but being a…


Posted by Gary Dale Cearley on July 8, 2012 at 11:30am

My own Malagasy language resource: Malagasy Power Vocabulary

I will visit Madagascar in a few weeks and I hope to have a few basic words down for once I am there. As such I have been working with what sources I could find on the internet. And there aren't many when compared to other languages, that's for sure! So to…


Posted by Gary Dale Cearley on February 19, 2011 at 7:30pm

Missing Madagascar

I'm dying to get back to Madagascar. I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life on the eighth continent. The people, the culture and the rainforests had a profound impact on me. When we gazed at the night sky in Berenty it seemed like we could see the farthest corners of the universe. Suffice to say you have never really seen the night sky until you have gazed up at it from the pitch-black spiny forests of Madagascar. The sound of villagers playing valiha (a bamboo tube zither) in… Continue

Posted by Daniel Leuck on April 4, 2010 at 1:14pm

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requesting contacts in music education

Started by Andrew Davies in Accommodations Oct 11, 2009.

Great post about HAT and the current economic situation

Started by Daniel Leuck in Politics Jul 24, 2009.

Razily is Free!

Started by Daniel Leuck in General May 17, 2009.



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Donate to the DLC / Adopt a Lemur
Help the Duke Lemur Center continue their important work with prosimians.

Blue Ventures
Madagascar environmental protection, education projects, and research

Madagascar Links

Rural transformation via participatory development

TGoose's MG Political Blog
A blog about the political crisis in Madagascar

The Duke Lemur Center
The mission of the Duke Lemur Center is to promote research and understanding of prosimians.

DLC Lemur Blog
A great blog about lemurs from the Duke Lemur Center

Wikipedia: Madagascar
A comprehensive reference

A great English language blog about living in Madagascar in a VazahaGasy (mixed foreign / Malagasy) family

Madagascar Library
Books, maps, articles, etc.

8th Continent
A great set of Madagascar travelogues, spectacular photos and good tourist information

A great site covering Madagascar culture, language, folklore, poems, music and wildlife.





Malagasy Phrases


The "o" is pronounced "oo" as in zoo.

The "i" is short as in "sit".

The "a" is dropped if it is the last letter in a word



Hello: Manao ahoana

Hello (rural)… Continue

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Malagasy Phrases
Coming Soon: Guide to Lemur Taxa (species and sub-species)

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