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If you are traveling to Morondava, you have to stay at Chez Maggie. The hotel, with its unique Malagasy / Mediterranean vibe, is absolutely bursting with character. All the bungalows are unique and nicely decorated. They feature air-conditioning (a rarity in the area) and comfortable beds with mosquito nets. The bar hut is possibly my favorite drinking spot of all time. Its a thatched roof club house situated next to the beach decorated with local artwork and various items you might find lying about the shore. They serve excellent seafood and pour stiff drinks.

The affable owner, Gary, is a seasoned river guide. He bought Chez Maggie from its Scottish owner about four years ago. Gary is full of great stories and detailed information about Madagascar. Baholy, the manager, is charming and helpful. During our stay Mika had a bit of a medical emergency and the staff was extremely helpful in assisting us. I can't say enough good things about them.

At 30-40 euro a night, Chez Maggie is one of the best deals in Madagascar.

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