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Tonga Soa!

The "o" is pronounced "oo" as in zoo.
The "i" is short as in "sit".
The "a" is dropped if it is the last letter in a word


Hello: Manao ahoana
Hello (rural): Salama
Hello Mr./Mrs.: Manao ahoana tompoko
Hello everyone: Manao ahoana daholo
I missed you: Nalahelo anao aho

Taking Leave
Goodbye: Veloma
Goodbye (formal): Veloma tompoko
See you: Mandram-pihaona

Yes / No
Yes: Eny / Eka
No: Tsia / Aha

Thank you (informal): Misaotra
Thank you (formal): Misaotra tompoko
Thank you very much (informal): Misaotra betsaka
Thank you very much (formal): Misaotra betsaka tompoko
You are welcome: Tsy misy fisaorana

Apologies, Requests and Exclamations
I'm sorry / Please: Azafady
Excuse me: Azafady tompoko
I don't understand: Tsy azoko
Stop: Ajanony
Wait: Andraso

TODO: Directions, Haggling

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