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Missing Madagascar

I'm dying to get back to Madagascar. I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life on the eighth continent. The people, the culture and the rainforests had a profound impact on me. When we gazed at the night sky in Berenty it seemed like we could see the farthest corners of the universe. Suffice to say you have never really seen the night sky until you have gazed up at it from the pitch-black spiny forests of Madagascar. The sound of villagers playing valiha (a bamboo tube zither) in… Continue

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Endangered Lemurs Slaughtered by Gangs

Thanks to a break down in the rule of law brought about by the coup, crowned lemurs and endangered golden crowned sifaka are being slaughtered by gangs and sold to restaurant owners as exotic meat. These animals have limited ranges and could very easily be wiped out. When I think about these gentle animals, who probably approached their killers curiously as they are used to ecotourists, it makes me want to cry.

This is a tragedy not only for the lemurs, but for the people of… Continue

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Coup in Tana

To our friends in Tana and all the other cities that have seen violence over the weekend, we want you to know our thoughts are with you. We sincerely hope Ravalomanana and Rajoelina can solve this dispute through a free and fair election, and that there will be no further loss of life. It would be a crime to allow critical foreign investment to evaporate and the nascent eco-tourism industry to wither due to unnecessary political grandstanding. As Dany put it, lets hope they can come together in… Continue

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Madagascar 2008 Travelogue

By Dan & Mika

Preparing for the Trip

Three days prior to leaving for Madagascar we head to the Straub travel clinic for a consultation and routine vaccinations. The next day I have a violent reaction to one of the vaccinations. For two days I have an intense fever and shivers so severe they border on seizures. We almost cancel the trip, but on the third day all my symptoms suddenly disappear.

Feb 23

We arrive in Antananarivo, known as… Continue

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