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My own Malagasy language resource: Malagasy Power Vocabulary

I will visit Madagascar in a few weeks and I hope to have a few basic words down for once I am there. As such I have been working with what sources I could find on the internet. And there aren't many when compared to other languages, that's for sure! So to remedy this I will be creating my own resources. Firstly that means flashcards. I am still struggling a bit with this but it will come. Language acquisition is funny sometimes. It works better for some languages than it does for others. Nonetheless, I am going to give it my best with Malagasy.

So what does that mean? 

In part it means that I will try to actively use the language as much as possible. It also means that I will be leaning on speakers, especially native speakers, as much as I can. And I will try to give back through leaving my flashcards and other resources for those of us here to use.

I use several sets of flashcards but the ones that work best for the purpose of this blog are the ones made on FunnelBrain. So in order to see whether I might be able to attract people who might also be learning Malagasy to help build this resource I started a FunnelBrain Team and have named it Malagasy Power Vocabulary. It is free and open to all who want to use the lists there and all who want to add their own lists. I will be also adding my cards to this site as well so that all members of the Madagascar Network can have access to the lists right here on this website. It is a little bit more time and effort but, hey, it needs to be done so if I am creating these lists they might as well be shared by all. In the mean time, I hope that you native speakers don't get upset if I ask you too many times for help with words and translations. I live in Thailand and though I have been looking for any Malagasy who live here, I have not had any luck whatsoever. In Vietnam at least I knew one family, but here I haven't been able to find anyone who can help. All the more reason to share the resources that I will be creating while I learn!

Please watch this space!

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