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At 2:14am on June 9, 2008, Elizabeth Rogers said…
Thanks For your welcome Mika

I am in my fifties, female, married, no kids and I am medical social worker. I hope yo visit Madagascar one day.
At 2:00pm on August 1, 2008, Ami Zanders said…
Madasacar rocks!!!!
At 11:30am on August 21, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Manao ahoana Mrs Mika?
Thank you for the welcome (tongasoa) message and to have launched this space. I hope that many people will know more about Mada through it. With its different aspects, the good and the bad also (we have any to hide, lol)...

Yes, I wrote that I play guitar, but not that I am a composer :D
Et encore moins un chanteur. It is true that I love music : Afro beat, jazz, blues, rock and roll, heavy metal and above all Malagasy music, which is very rich. Culturally we are a crossroads of vibrations : musique des iles (zouk, sega, maloya, reggae), Africa, Arabia, Europe, USA, India, Indonesia. All that influenced our feelings. Nous sommes comme les éléphants : we have big ears.And as said Leopold Sedar Senghor, the former Chairman of Senegal : "the Malagasy dance with Asian hands and African feet".
Thanks to "You Tube" I will upload video clips.
Yesterday I tried to upload songs but as you know Iarivo (Tana for foreigners) has not the ADSL (c'est encore un luxe, vivement le "backbone"). Mais je vais encore essayer aujourdhui.
I know that you are impatient to listen to music.
En attendant voici un hors-d'oeuvre. Enjoy this Rossy's clip.

Portez-vous bien. Take care.
At 10:13am on August 22, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Manao ahoana Mika? "Misaotra betsaka" for the nice comments.
The photo is sundown at Amborovy beach (Mahajanga/Majunga, North-West coast)). I have shot it one week ago.
It was by surfing on Ning to seek African networks that I have found this space.
Donia est le festival des musiques des isles. , Il se déroule tous les ans à Nosy-Be since 10 years.
It is gathering the musicians of the isles of Indian ocean especially : Comoros, la Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Seychelles. And also Est African or Southern African guests. Un grand rendez-vous de la musique.
Another international rendez-vous"Madajazzcar" happens every year in october, in Antananarivo. The best jazz musicians of Germany, Swiss, France, USA attend this festival.
At 11:51am on August 22, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…

" mahay miteny gasy kay ve Madama" I didnt konw that Madam does speak fluently Malagasy. (Thumbs up)

Tsara (good)
Mahafinaritra (wonderful)

Manaova zoma mahafinaritra (Happy Friday)
At 5:40pm on September 26, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
At 6:09pm on September 26, 2008, Tokugawa Aoi said…
thank you for visiting and comment.
日本の岐阜にいます。ハワイは常夏の国、いいトコにお住まいですね。又あそびにきてください。では、good night.
At 6:43pm on September 29, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Manao ahoana Mika. Expecting beautiful photos and videos after your trip in South Europe. Tongava soa. Tsara mandroso sy tsara miverina. Ho tahian'Andriamanitra.
At 10:14am on October 15, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Salama ve? Manao ahoana ianareo sy Daniel? Tsara ve ny dia? I missed you. Welcome back. Thank you for commenting "Tsaiky Joby" vid. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Mafana ny andro aty izao, fa mahafinaritra satria tsy mbola latsaka ny orana.
At 10:37am on October 17, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…

"Tsara ve ny dia?" means "how was the jorney?". And you gave the reply

Manaova zoma mahafinaritra (Happy Friday). As my world clock says that it is 09:37 pm in Honolulu good night (matoria tsara)
The picture is a Mahajanga colonial house with the pousse-pousse (rickshaw?) at the "premier plan" waiting for a "client".
At 10:31pm on October 23, 2008, Lari Hatley said…
Mika, You mentioned that you were planning to visit the DLC. Let me know when you are coming. If you haven't had the behind the scenes tour before, we'll make sure that you get VIP treatment.
At 12:35pm on November 4, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Hi Mika-San.. About the video "Tsaiky Joby" the singers are Mika & Davis, both are men. "Mika" is an usual boy's first name in Malagasy. It is a kiddish alteration for Michael or Mikaela. As "Dany" for Daniel, "Roby" for Robert, "Jaky" for Jacques or Jacky, "Lolona" for Vololona,...
As you have noticed Malagasy first names are Western just because of the Christian influence since the 19th century. When British missionaries settled down and began conversions many Malagasy families added the "son" at their name's end.
ie: Ravelo became Raveloson, Rakoto > Rakotoson, Ramala > Ramalason, Randrainary > Randrianarison, etc...So the name sounds British. lol.
At the end of the 19th century many noble and commoner rich families were speaking English. With the French colonization the English language has been forbidden. No comment.
At 1:41pm on November 4, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Aloha. I will reply you about Malagasy names histories after lunch. I have posted a discussion on our forum. Feel hungry now. Mazotoa homana
At 4:21pm on November 4, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
FAMILY NAME : THE MALAGASY NAME, A PROPERTY, AN IDENTITY... this is my last blog as reply to your question. I would be very interested to know how it is going in Hawaii and traditional Japan's ceremonies names.
At 6:15am on December 11, 2008, baholy said…
Hi Mika,
No, I am not the one you're talking about unfortunately. I live in the States, been here for quite sometimes and also travel back and forth to Mada as much as I can. Love that country.

At 11:33am on December 31, 2008, ♥Dany♥ said…
Ahoana Mika sy Dan. Miala tsiny raha izao vao mamaly ny firariantsoa avy aminao. Misaotra betsaka ary miarahaba anareo 2 tratry ny Krismasy sy ny taona vaovao 2009. Ho tahian'Andriamanitra sy ny Razana anie ianao sy ny ankohonanao. Ho lava velona, ho ela fanapahana. Irin'oona fa tsy haniry olona. Ho mamy toy ny tantely, hotezain-jafy....

Still wanting a translation ?
"Hi Mika and Dan. I apologize for the silence. December is the holiday month. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009. May God and the Razana (Ancestors) bless you and your loved ones. .Live long to see your grandgrandchildren, be right in your rule, needed but don't need someone. Nice like honey, etc..." It is a traditional Malagasy wish on the Asaramanitra occasion.
At 6:50pm on February 2, 2009, Princi Ra. said…
Misaotra betsaka am le fandraisana eh
I hope as well that those troubles in Mada will take end sooner.
At 1:39am on March 22, 2009, Amanda Parsons said…
Misaotra Tompko - Salama!! :-)

I taught in Tsiroanomandidy for 3 months and then travelled to Andasibe where my brother lived for 9 months studying Zoology and conservation. I also did the RN7 route - Ambositra, Antsirabe, Ranomafana etc.. I wanted to do much more but I ran out of time. I made a lot of friends out there and I'm thinking about them in this testing time.
At 2:10am on March 22, 2009, Amanda Parsons said…
Yes, I was very lucky to see as much as I did and because my bro is a Zoologist I got explainations and tours of all sorts of things that I will never forget. Sounds like you went to all the places I wanted to go to - it's really magic. I shall post up some of my photos on here soon, it's a great site - well done.

I spoke to one of my friends, Rija, who is often in Tana and he is OK so hopefully it is all stabilising a bit - I keep my fingers crossed. How many times have you been to Madagascar?

i noticed you have on your page Honolulu - I'm currently teaching myself the Ukulele which I believe a lot of people can play out there. - it's great fun!
At 4:48pm on March 22, 2009, Amanda Parsons said…
Hey Mika

Just to let you know I've added some pictures of Madagascar for all to see.

All best


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